"My two dogs have been under Rebecca's care for several years now. I have found McTimoney to be an essential part of maintaining my dogs' well being. For my older lab x collie McTimoney helps keep his arthritis at bay and has had a dramatic positive effect on his mobility. For my younger yellow Labrador who is a part time lumber jack(!) Rebecca's care puts her back into alignment. Rebecca has a natural way with my dogs and they are always the better for having seen her. She is a real find."
- Shona Moon


"Rebecca Dale has worked on two horses, two donkeys and four dogs for us. McTimoney treatments help the horses to move better and more fluently and to overcome evasions and problems stemming from aches and pains; they free the animal up. Dogs often display bad tempered behaviour or aggression because they are in pain from poorly aligned spines and the nerve damage that results. After a treatment they relax and sleep more deeply and interact more happily. It was wondrous to watch our 'difficult' mare (who hates to be touched on some days) change from a snapping, stamping 'dragon' into a snoozing, affable patient when Beccy used 'Equine Touch' to allow her to realign her back."
- Imogen & Richard Holt


"As I compete at agility with my two Jack Russells it is important that they are in top mental and physical condition. When I feel they are not quite right I give Rebecca a call and she sorts them out, giving them an improved performance. Rebecca has a nice relaxed way with the dogs, is understanding and caring and takes a genuine interest in their wellbeing."
- Ros Luckman


"When we relocated to Cornwall from Oxfordshire finding a McTimoney Animal Therapist was an absolute must and what a find Rebecca has been: one of our Gordon Setters has severe hip dysplasia and without his regular treatment would not be able to join us for walks and would be in so much more pain and discomfort. Rebecca realigns his whole body: if he could talk he would simply swoon and say: "more, more...".
Rebecca also treats our Munsterlander who has an unfortunate bladder problem in that she still wees at night: whilst we do feel part of the problem is behavioural we also now know that part must be physical as after treatment, she consistently give us far more dry nights. She is a mad thing who never stops but Rebecca's treatment definitely makes her a little calmer and more in control.
In addition to the fact the treatments work, Rebecca is fabulous with the animals so much so that our other 2 dogs who don't usually get treated mug her to bits for attention. She really is a complete natural."
- Jack Smellie - Minions


"My several event horses have been under the care of Rebecca for over a year now. The treatment that she offers allows my horses to compete at high levels all year around. Her treatments maintain the horses well-being, allowing them to move better and more freely and generally improving their well-being. If i am in doubt to whether the horses are going correctly i will ring Rebecca and she will to have a look as soon as possible. She cares for each and every animal and is very hardworking and interesting. She has made a huge difference to all my horses and they couldn't be without her."
- Charlotte Rowe, Event Rider (Chagford, Devon)


"I highly recommend Rebecca for McTimoney & Equine Touch. Becky kept my 18hh Grand Prix horse going through the very rigorous training needed to ride at that level, the correct alignment of the skeleton in conjunction with muscular function is so important and need to be treated together, with Becky's dedication and love of the horse, which is needed to stand out in your chosen field of expertise. Whether it is for your competition horse or your hack. I'm very glad to add that Becky is now able to work on the rider to with VHT which is so important. I have recommended Becky to many of my clients, and happily will continue to do so."
- Susie Rogers, Dressage Trainer and Grand Prix Rider (Spreyton, Devon)

Recommended Equine Professional Feedback